On dark night, on a lonely highway, a green neon sign flashes, inviting you to enter HIGH-8 VIDEO RENTALS. Who knows, you might just find what you've been looking for...

The first in a semi-regular interactive fiction series that recommends a selection of films currently available on UK streaming platforms.

For a full list of High 8's August Recommendations, click here.

Support your local videodrome! Check out legendary video rental shop Twentieth Century Flicks and their DVD postal service.

Big thanks to Nick Dymond at monomoon for the original idea and proofing, and to Becky Pepperdine for testing.

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Great idea – I really felt transported by the basement horror concept.

(1 edit)

Thanks! In real life there's no way I would've gone down there...

This is a cool concept!


Thanks! Done a fair amount of movie trawling in my time.