A short interactive fiction vignette set on the desert moon of Factus, within the world of science fiction novel Ten Low (Titan Books).

Written using Ink.

You can download a free short story set in the same world here.

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Great atmosphere. I’ve played with Ink a little trying to make some interactive poetry (!) - it was really interesting to see what a writer like you can do with a handful of well-written narrative elements. More please! :)

Thank you! Interactive poetry sounds intriguing...

you’re welcome! - my very simple ink experiment… http://www.artsci.co.uk/sds/media/branching/

Hi, Stark! This is a really intriguing story, I really like your descriptive language, it’s so pretty and evocative! Thank you for sharing :)

Cool!  Nice punch to the ending.  I enjoyed my brief time in this world.

Thanks for stopping by!